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This week Pastor Mark Edwards shared a motivational message with a sweet theme; ice cream!Bible

Each week local leaders and pastors are invited to share an inspirational message. This week Mark Edwards from Inglewood Community Church, joined Bec & Jeziel on the Drive Show for some mid-week motivation. Pastor Mark started by asked the question “If you had an ice cream shop and could only sell one flavour, which flavour would you choose? If you chose vanilla, you made a good decision. Did you know that vanilla is the most popular flavour worldwide?

Similarly, If we could only do one thing to grow our faith it would be reading the Bible. “What is the most important thing we can do to grow as a person? I would say that is reading the Bible. In Timothy it says, all scripture is inspired by God and is used to prepare his people to do good work.”

Bec shared: “I’ve been a Christian for many years. There is still so much of the Bible I haven’t read or I don’t understand. So this is a good reminder.”

What did you think of this mid-week motivation? Hopefully it inspired you to pick up your Bible. Have a listen to Pastor Mark’s inspo below:

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