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There is a lot of conflicting information about the Russia and Ukraine situation. So Channel Nine’s Michael Thompson, joined Bec and Jeziel to tell us about what is happening.

Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine. Explosions could be heard in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. Vladimir Putin has said Ukrainian soldiers should lay down their arms or there would be “consequences they can’t imagine”. This goes back to the Soviet Union which came together after the Second World War. But in 1991, Ukraine became an independent country.

“Experts believe Vladimir Putin has always wanted to get Ukraine back into the Russian fold. They speak the same language and there is a lot of history between the two and the region.”

This has also had a major effect on economies around the world, share prices have dived and petrol prices will increase. Western countries, including Australia, have inflicted sanctions against Russia. “Over the long term, it will cause economic pain for Russia. But in the short term not that much.”

“How far will he go? Will it be further parts of Ukraine? Will he go further than that and try to get the old Soviet Union unified again? These are questions we can’t answer at this stage except to say Ukraine is in the early stage of an invasion. It’s a distressing time.”

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