Mental Health at School

Friday, October 15, 2021 1:49 pm
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Mental Health Week is annual celebration to promote the importance of mental health.mental health at school

Craig Hunter, Deputy Principal at Rehoboth Christian College, joined Mike to talk about mental health at school. The most common mental health issues faced by school children include ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism and disruptive behaviour. These vary at different levels and are becoming more common.

Teachers have undergone training to balance learning and mental health support in the classroom. This involves teaching kids to understand mental health. Helping them name their emotions (joy, sadness, fear). Creating safe classrooms and consistent routines. Teachers also build relationships of trust with students and parents. Kids need to feel safe and part of a community no matter what they go through.

“The challenge for teachers is we’re not equipped (to deal with the mental health challenges of kids) we’re equipped to teach kids content. That’s where as teachers we’ve had to pivot and go ok we’re teaching a whole child here and we know God makes kids as a whole child.”

Things parents can do to help their kids at home:

  • All kids needs a healthy diet, outdoor playtime, good sleep and limited screen time. This helps your kids develop healthy habits
  • Make sure they have a safe environment to talk about what they are going through
  • Maintain your own mental health: Anxious parents lead to anxious kids

“I want to say, take the pressure off yourself as a parent to have perfect kids”

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