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If you don’t know Mel from The Drive Show, here’s one quick fact: she LOVES animals. She loves animals so much so wants to share it with the family. So once a week she shares one of her favourite animal stories in Furry Tails .

Ronan & Emma run a Small animal farm in Ireland. They have lots of animals but wanted some ducks. So they got in some fertilized eggs that they were going to hatch and raise.

When they went in to see the hatched ducklings, they weren’t there! All of a sudden they saw a cat jump down from a pigeon hole in the shed and they presumed the ducklings were gone.

Yet, they had faith! Ronan and Emma decided to still look around the farm and after about 6 hours they found the ducklings. The cat had also found them and she was holding one of the ducklings in her mouth. They once again thought the worst and grabbed the cat and the other ducklings but they noticed something unusual. The cat wasn’t forcefully holding the duckling in its mouth. So they put the cat and the ducklings down and all of a sudden the three little ducklings waddled straight underneath the cat. The cat layed down on its side and put its paw over one of the ducklings and it was nursing the duckling into it. She was content, purring and loving on the ducklings!

After putting the cat down they realised that the cat had itself given birth to three kittens within the last hour. She began nursing all the babies together. The ducklings were latched on to the mother cat just like the kittens.

Before long the ducklings started out growing kittens and becoming independent. She was trying to keep them underneath her with their brothers and sisters.

The kittens are still small and although the ducks are bigger and have independence they still have a strong bond with their cat mum. Mothering instincts can transcend species!

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