Why did Mel & Jeziel visit The Philipines?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 1:56 pm
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Sponsor A Village Day 2019

Poverty speaks to a child. It tells them, “You don’t matter, you are nothing. Life will always be this way.” But more powerful than the lies of poverty are the hope of Jesus, the care of their local church and the encouragement of a sponsor. Sponsor a Village with Compassion, and as you sponsor a child you begin a relationship more powerful than poverty.

Earlier this year Mel & Jeziel visited the Lucena City village in The Philipines. They experienced what life is really like in a place where the average family income is $50 Australian dollars a month. Mel & Jeziel met the poverty-stricken families whose lives will be totally transformed this week after their children are sponsored. This week you’ll be hearing stories of how God is already and will continue to work through different people to transform this village.

This Thursday, the 21st of March we are partnering with Compassion and you family. To come alongside The Lucena City village (The Philipines) to provide a hope more powerful than poverty and find sponsors for 100 children.

Through child sponsorship, you have the unique opportunity to invest into the life of a child. Your role in their life is vital. Not only will you support their long-term development. Your words of encouragement through letter-writing will be a source of hope and confidence for years to come. It’s a relationship that has an eternal impact and is more powerful than poverty.

Healthcare, hygiene training and supplementary food Children receive a healthy snack or meal when they attend program activities and may receive extra nutritious food if required. They receive regular health check-ups and learn how to take care of their bodies and form healthy relationships. Education, vocational training and life skills Children are supported to attend and stay in school. They also receive vocational training opportunities and extra-curricular activities such as sports, field trips, music and computer training. Personal attention, guidance and love Our local church partners’ workers love and care for the children in our Child Sponsorship Program, encouraging them to discover and pursue their unique gifts, passions and abilities. They’ll also get to know the child’s family, so the church can offer additional support where needed. Age-appropriate Christian teaching and discipleship In a culturally sensitive way, children are given the opportunity to hear the gospel message. They learn how God has shown his love for the world by sending Jesus Christ, and how He has a plan and purpose for their lives.

Our Project

The 100 children that will be sponsored will attend the Bethel Bible Community Child Development Center in Lucena City. Read about what this community is like here.

Together let’s sponsor this entire village

98five's Sponsor a Village 2019



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