Why did Mel & Jeziel get perms? (plus their reactions)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 1:51 pm
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You may have seen a little bit about Mel & Jeziel getting Perms on Facebook or maybe you heard it on air and thought to yourself “what the heck – why did those two get perms?”
Well, it was a very simple idea, that any other person could have easily passed over and moved on from, but not these two.
On Monday afternoon Mel was telling Jeziel about her claim to fame (other than hosting a radio show), she has met a celebrity, Mike Whitney from Who Dares Wins! Now being a Kiwi, Jeziel didn’t know who that was so he had to Google him. He looked him up online and when he saw what Mike Whitney looks like Jeziel  exclaimed: “Oh, he has a sweet perm.” Then Mel & Jeziel got talking about the hairstyle and Mel divulged that she secretly had always wanted to try a perm.

The next day the two decided that they would both try the new hairstyles together, so they started ringing hair salons around Perth to see if a local hair dresser could help them out. Apparently, no one gets perms anymore so most hair dressers’ don’t even know how to do them!
Fortunately, after a lot of phone calls, Mel & Jeziel met Sina.

A Korean hairdresser who has been perm-ing for 36 years! Sina said everyone in Korea loves perms, even kids get them. But, Sina actually took a bit of convincing. She has never heard of 98five so when Mel & Jeziel called her, she had to google them and call a few of her friends because she thought she was getting pranked!

But it all worked out, check out the photos and the video of their reactions to their new hair styles!

mel hallsworth jeziel andersen get perms
mel hallsworth jeziel andersen get perms
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