Mel Jaye shares hope through her holistic approach to health

9 November 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Melanie Jaye, from Tweak Health, has been a regular guest at 98five for four years to share her expert advice on natural medicine.

As a Naturopath, Mel is passionate about a holistic approach to health and the healing power of nature. “That is my passion and we do have one body to live in. It’s not a cliché we’ve got to take care of it. What I love about 98five is that we need to think about what are we feeding our minds with. What is the message when we are in our car? When there is 98five there is hope. It’s positive you are speaking life.”

At 98five our dream is to broadcast hope to every home as 50% of Perth homes have never heard of us. Mel thinks our city would be a kinder place if everybody knew about us. “While 98five is spreading that message of hope. It’s up to us as listeners and part of the family to take that light and share it on as well. We’ve all got a responsibility to share hope and kindness in the world.”

As a parent, Mel says she is conscious of the influence she has on her daughter. “I’m a role model for her everything I say she repeats. If I’m singing a song she is going to sing along too. That’s why I think it is important that we are role models. 98five just helps me to do that.”

Listen to her full chat with Bec and Jeziel below!

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