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June is Speak Hope Share Hope month here at 98five. There’s never been a greater need for hope than now. We having been asking our on-air guests what sharing hope means to them and this is what Mel Jaye, naturopath and Weekdays with Mike regular guest had to say.

Hope is a predictor of mental health.  When we’ve got hope we’ve got something to look forward to. When we’ve got hope we’ve got a new perspective. We’re sharing that with people who are around us. We’ve got to be careful because many of us are like sponges of the environment and the people around us. We’ve got to think about that kind of thing.

What’s coming into our sight each day? What are we listening to? Can we lift someone up? Can we share our hope or speak encouragement to someone else? Because you know what that costs, nothing from a monetary value.

You actually feel better when you’re sharing hope yourself, lifting others up and building that community. So it’s the community that helped raise people and when something happens, you know, when you’re going through a health crisis, when you’ve got a diagnosis. So people need that hope. It’s so important for our mental and emotional well being. So whatever people are going through today, I encourage you, you know, you’re stronger than you know. There are so many blessings upon our lives that we can share with other people. And we’ve just got to be encouraging.

We want to continue to cut through the noise, anxiety, misinformation and just bring you hope through our music, through our words and messages. We can only do that with your continued support! When you give in faith to June Appeal 2021 you ensure the message of hope is heard and you ensure thousands of people will be encouraged in their faith.

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