Meet the Women of 98five

8 March 2022

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March 8th, today, is International Women’s Day. There are many amazing women whose contributions make 98five who we are and we wanted to introduce them all to you.

The ones that create the content…

Bec, as many of you know is part of our dynamic Drive Show duo with Jeziel. Bec is a mum of three and loves working at 98five because her job means she gets to have fun at work every day. In her spare time, Bec is very good at putting her hand to crafty things such as knitting and painting watercolours.

Chela is our Content Director and has been at 98five for 15 years in varied roles including producing. She loves media, the fast-paced action, creativity and ever-changing/evolving medium and vessel for stories. She loves that every day we have an opportunity to make positive change in someone’s life.

From left to right: Rachel, Bec, Mandy, Caroline (Cas), Chela

Abby is our Digital Content Producer and one of the youngest members of the 98five team. In fact, today we celebrate her one-year work-iversary. Abby is a quiet achiever and she loves that her job allows her to work on fun content like videos, illustrations and animations. (You’ll see her incredible work all over our Facebook and Instagram pages.)

Telana is in the dual role of Drive Producer and assistant to our content director. She loves it when the Drive show starts and the vibe in the studio gets exciting and she gets to talk to listeners. Telana has three “babies” – little guinea pigs that she loves dearly.

Rachel started working at 98five almost 4 years ago as our Digital Content Coordinator. She thinks 98five is the ultimate environment for creatives, every day brings a new opportunity to create something super weird, unique or totally inspiring. Rach secretly (not so secretly anymore) loves Dungeons and Dragons.

Brekky host Kirste has been with us for almost 7 years and says it’s been a blast! Every day is a chance to speak and interact with so many different people and it’s a lot of fun! Outside of work she still moonlights as a corporate singer regularly. But just not as much she used to – breakfast radio hours and most gig times don’t generally mix too well!

Producer Bec works on Weekdays with Mike and started with us many years ago in the 98five newsroom! She loves how her role allows her to learn new things from all the interesting guests they have on the show.

The ones that keep us functioning…

Caroline is our amazing bookkeeper and she’s also an amazing book reader and reads over 100 books a year! Caroline love’s the positivity of the 98five workplace and feels blessed to work with amazing colleagues who truly care about what they do.

Siew Yee is the friendly voice at the other end of the phone when you call reception. She is our administration assistant. This year Siew Yee clocks up 10 years working at 98five! She loves working with great people and she does a fantastic job training and coordinating all the wonderful 98five volunteers.

From left to right: Producer Bec, Siew Yee, Abigail, Sonya

Mandy is our Relationships Coordinator which means she gets to chat a lot with our supporters. (Which is handy because she really likes to talk and meet new people.) She also helps coordinate 98five events including fundraising appeals. Mandy is a bit of a coffee snob and can often be found in the kitchen trying to perfect her latte art!

Sonya is our Sales & Marketing Coordinator and the newest member of the 98five team. She loves working with such a great bunch of genuine people who live out their faith in everything they do! In her spare time, Sonya loves to bake and cake decorate. We’re hoping she brings some samples into the office real soon!

It’s an honour to be a part of this group of women. Spanning across different generations, from all different backgrounds, coming together to service Jesus and the people of Perth. These strong, clever and creative people are the women of 98five.

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