Meet our Weekdays Regulars

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 2:01 pm
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You’ll always learn something new on Weekdays with Mike.

Meet our Regular Guests

Sally Hewitt | Monday fortnightly, 10am

Creator and Director of Aging Gratefully. Every day we’re getting older and we’re made to feel it’s a bad thing. Sally always has a message of hope to share that challenges that worldview and helps us view Aging…well…Gratefully.

Sue Joy | Monday fortnightly, 10am

Author of the Joyful Table. Sue’s delicious recipes will have you and your family eating healthier meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Elson Goh | Tuesday, fortnightly, 10am

EG Financial Services. Elson shares his hot tips on how to save, invest and (not) spend your money.

Steve Hall | Tuesday, fortnightly, 10am

CEO of Adult/Teen Challenge. Steve is making a positive impact on the individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

Nick Marvin | Tuesday, fortnightly, 11am

Creator/Director of MarvinHR. Extensive research has given Nick a unique insight into the current job market and what makes a positive and harmonious work environment.

Consumer Protection | Tuesday, fortnightly, 11am

Consumer Protection provides advice and information for Western Australian consumers, businesses, landlords and tenants, including product recalls.

Mel Jaye | Wednesday, fortnightly, 10am

An experienced and passionate Naturopath operating under the Tweak Health umbrella, with a wealth of knowledge on all things pertaining to Natural Health. From A to Zinc, Mel has got you covered.

Adrian Munro

CEO of Richmond Wellbeing, provides inclusive, community-based mental health and wellbeing support services across Western Australia.

Simon Creek | Wednesday, weekly, 12pm

CEO HHG Legal Group. A respected and seasoned lawyer who can speak into a wide range of topical issues making headlines locally and nationally.

Daniel Principe | Thursday, fortnightly, 10am

From Collective Shout, Daniel is not afraid to tackle the tough topics facing 21st Century kids, like Pornography and Toxic Masculinity.

Kelley Chisholm and Penny Webb | Thursday, fortnightly, 11am

From the Foxglove Project, sharing everyday impact stories of everyday Aussies making a difference in their community, across the Nation and around the globe.

Dr Stuart Arbuckle | Thursday, fortnightly, 10am

GP at St John Medical, Dr Stuart shares clarity and insight into some hairy medical topics as well as answering all your medical questions.

Graham Irvine | Thursday, fortnightly, 11am

Kingsway Christian College. With years of experience as a teacher and a previous school principal, Graham has been developed and delivered various parenting training programs. Graham shares his wisdom in an easy to understand manner, coupled with his quirky sense of humour.

 Natalie Nicholls | Friday, fortnightly, 10am

A Learning Specialist assists kids and parents navigate the complex educational difficulties facing today’s kids, everything from Dyslexia to ADHD.

Craig Hunter | Friday, fortnightly, 10am

As Teacher and Deputy Principal at Rehoboth Christian College and father of 5 boys, Craig has the unique perspective of speaking into issues facing school aged kids from the position of an educator as well as a parent.

Andrea Fallon | Friday, fortnightly, 11am

Midwife, Child Health Nurse, and mother of 2 girls. Andrea shares her research and experience on baby sleep routines and other infant-related topics.

Marty York | Friday, Monthly, 11am

(Aka. Maintenance Marty) from That’s Maintenance: From killing weeds to building a deck, Maintenance Marty has the “know-how” for the job.

Nicolas (Nick) Pierre Goiran | Friday, Monthly, 11am

MLCBCom, LLB Shadow Minister for Attorney General; Child Protection; Industrial Relations. Nick provides up to date information on what’s happening in WA Parliament.

Maryka Groenewald | Tuesday, Monthly, 11am

WA Director of Australian Christians. Maryka helps us understand the importance of having a Christian voice in parliament. The Australian Christians always strive to model biblical values such as honesty, integrity, faith and freedom.

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