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Corey Sutton | Brekky Producer

With Kirste and Morro flying off to Vietnam to bring you Brekky, we were wondering what are the best solutions for sleeping on an air plane. After much googling, we discovered an new project on Kickstarter that aims to make uncomfortable travel sleeping a thing of the past. 


Image source: Kickstarter

Meet the NodPod. It’s the answer to all your sleep deprived questions. Think of it like a hammock for you head that connects to the head rest of your seat. No more leaning on the shoulder of the too-polite-to-complain person sitting next to you, the NodPod is the future of travel sleep, whether it be planes, trains or automobiles.

When we opened up the question to the listeners on Brekky the morning before Kirste and Morro flew out, everyone had their own solution to air plane slumber. From sleeping pills to boring movies, our listeners covered it all, but no one suggested the NodPod.

One rather cheeky listener did suggest a hemorrhoid cushion though…

The NodPod: the head hammock for weary travelers. We recommended this to Brekky host Kirste, however, she wasn’t all that keen


Image source: Kickstarter


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