Meet Akram Azimi

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 2:17 pm
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1999 was a big year for 10 year old Akram Azimi. Born and raised in war torn Afghanistan, Akram’s family decided to leave the dangerous Taliban controlled Kabul in search for a better life in Australia.

Fast forward 16 years, and the now 27 year old Akram has the prestigious title of Young Australian of the Year 2013, mentors young Indigenous people, and is in the latter stages of a triple major in law, science and arts at the University of Western Australia.


Akram says his English wasn’t up to scratch when he moved to Perth

The Azini family chose to settle in Perth, enrolling Akram in Warwick Senior High School.

His transformation from ‘an ostracised refugee kid with no prospects’ to head boy at school was the start of an upward trend that saw Akram become a mentor.

Podcast: Akram Azimi on Drive with Christine

He looked after indigenous Australians in the remote community of Looma in the Kimberley region, and primary school students in a small farming community in the WA wheat belt. This piqued the interest of those tasked with choosing an inspirational young Australian to receive the Young Australian of the Year award 2 years ago.

Akram will be speaking at the Red Frogs WA Charity Appeal tomorrow night which will be MC’ed by our very own Christine!


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