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Education Minister, Sue Ellery, Joined Mike to discuss school yard violence and how the McGowan government plans to tackle this hot topic. 

After Viewing footage shown on TV earlier in the year of students in a brutal brawl, Education Minister Sue Ellery called on the Department of Education to review some of the current policies and Procedures. This also lead to all the relevant stake holders in Education.

On the 29th of July, 15 Stake Holders in Education all signed up on an agreement to take further action. This involves new policies on the threshold for suspensions and expulsions for students who Assault or instigate a fight.

“For example automatic suspension those students who starts fights. Changing student’s entitlements, Putting in a good standing policy for example.  So that students who assault or instigate a fights with a student Lose their good standing and can’t participate in School balls or inter-school sporting events…”

These new measures plan to be piloted next year and then rolled out in all public schools by 2020.

Listen below.

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