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Can you believe we’ve already had three eliminations from Masterchef? It seems like just yesterday we had a warehouse full of aspiring Julie Goodwins and Andy Allens. However, not every chef can win. And so, the latest to slip and be sent home was Katrina.


Photo Credit: Channel 10

Over a morning chat with Kirste and Dan, Katrina explained what exactly went wrong, which judge was her favourite, and what her last meal on earth would be.

For those that missed it, the challenge last night was set by famed Italian gastronomer Massimo Bottura. Round one was all about mac an cheese. After showing off his version, Massimo challenged the contestants to top it. The bottom four were then tasked with turning bread into something beautiful.

Competition was strong, and despite whipping up a beautiful orange bread and butter pudding, the judges had to make a decision. It simply wasn’t bready enough.

To hear Katrina’s thoughts, check out the podcast below:

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