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In an increasingly digital world, knowing your way around every social media platform is important, yet daunting. Using non-traditional means to engage a generation that doesn’t respond to traditional marketing requires an in depth knowledge of not only your product, but also your consumer base.

jenny lam

So for small business owners who are working to combine their passion with their means of income, having someone who knows the tricks and traps is invaluable. For many people of there, Jenny Lam is that person. Jenny is someone who has been able to combine her passions of cooking and business in a manner so efficient that it enabled her to compete in Channel 10’s Masterchef competition this year.


Jenny joined Mel and Jeziel to discuss the Masterchef experience, as well as some invaluable tips on marketing yourself in a digital world. She also filled us in on the details of this weekend’s Blu Sky Factory Business Breakfast, where Jenny will be giving some in depth advice. To hear the full chat, check out the podcast below:


Mel and Jeziel cat with Jenny Lam about Masterchef 2018 and small business marketing


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