The mAshes team sheet revealed

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 8:23 am
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Corey Sutton | Brekky producer

The most anticipated game of cricket in history is back again to settle the score after last year’s controversial draw between Morro’s Northern Stars and Kirste’s Southern Crosses.

The team sheet has been finalised, and a huge thank you to everyone who submitted their name for selection.


Kirste and Morro would love to include everyone, but the GM says there is no such thing as a cricket game with 300,000 listeners, so the selection has come down to the final 11.

Northern Stars:


Emanuel (the weapon)

Nathan (Morro needs help)

Jesse (cricket mad, flipped the coin last year)

Daniel (had nothing to do on Friday)



Nathan Healy

Kyle (in WA youth development squad)

Paul (exactly average)

Blake (has cricket on all TVs in the house)

Selby (once gave his 10 year-old son a bruise with a fast bowl)

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Southern Crosses:


Darren (good for a dropped catch)

Jeremy (all rounder)

Reagan (wicky keeper)

Gareth (keen to deflate Morro’s big head)

Kevin (the Canadian)

Russell (all round superstar)

Anton (last year’s MVP)

Brendan (club cricketer all-rounder)

Justin (all-rounder)

Craig (last year’s umpire)

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