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It’s Marriage Week! So Pastor Phil Ayres from Kingdomcity shared his top tips to build a strong marriage. 

Romance regularly

As a couple, make sure you stay best friends and lovers. Keep the passion and flame of your relationship flourishing. “Make sure you keep the relationship central to your personal journey together. Investment in romance is not a waste of money. It’s a relationship investment for the future.”

Forgive Quickly

Hurt and disappointment weigh us down. But forgiveness is a gift that Jesus gave us to build freedom into our relationships. “Forgiveness is a choice. We don’t wait until we forgive we choose to forgive. The feelings of forgiveness will flow after that.”

Correct Specifically

In relationships, we have conflicts and differences that we need to work out. When working through conflict, don’t get distracted by other issues and bring up things that happened in the past.

Listen Carefully

Actively listen to your spouse and make sure you are engaging in what they are saying. “This is why the bible says to be slow to speak, quick to hear and slow to get angry.”

Serve Wholeheartedly

Love is not about receiving it is about giving. “The type of love God gave is sacrificial love. It is love that builds strength and lasting life into every relationship.

Speak Slowly 

Often we open our mouths before we consider what we are going to say. The art of great communication involves reflection, consideration then declaration. Especially when you’re upset or in the middle of a conflict. “Consider your words and in doing so strengthen your marriage.”

Forget intentionally

Forget negative memories and hurtful words. Keeping those things in your mind is like carrying a heavy bag that weighs you down and stops you in your tracks. “The ability to forget intentionally allows us to keep focused in the moment. Turn around face forward and choose to believe God is with you and he will help you move forward.

Laughing Consistently

One of the signs of a great marriage is when the two people involved find ways to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. “Whether it’s going out and doing something together. Whether it’s working on a project or even just playing and teasing each other. Laughing consistently will help keep you passionate in your life together.”

Feel Empathy

Understand your spouse’s feelings and what they are going through. Try to see things from their perspective. “Feeling empathy helps your spouse know you care. That you have their best intentions in mind.”

Share Generously

In relationships everything should be shared. “Be generous in that sharing. Be extravagant in the way you encourage each other and the way you bless each other with gifts or take time to show kindness.”

Love Unconditionally

Unconditional love is the type of love God gave us when he sent his son to die on the cross. Love your spouse as they are.

Praise Spontaneously

Look for opportunities to praise and celebrate each other. “Spontaneous praise creates a safe, caring and supportive environment. It brings power and security into a relationship. It brings creativity to the heart and mind.”

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