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Mel and Jeziel are proud to introduce their newest regular guest, Pastor Phil Ayres! Pastor Phil is a marriage guru, giving advice to couples that comes from a place of care, and experience.


For is first week on air, Phil touched on why he decided to get into relationship advice, and the personal reason it’s so important to him. He also spoke about methods for good communication in marriage.

Whether it’s in a relationship, a friendship or a team, communication is key to success. To improve communication, it’s important to recognise the five stages of communication.

  1. Surface level communication, such as greetings and small talk
  2. Sharing common knowledge. This is when you know you and the other person can connect over something
  3. Sharing opinions. More than just mentioning something, sharing an opinion on it can deepen a connection
  4. Personal feelings. Opinions and feelings may seem similar, but feelings are generally more closely guarded
  5. Shared needs. This is when you delve deeper into the things that are important to you as a pairing

To hear more about Phil’s communication tips, check out the podcast below:

Podcast: Pastor Phil Ayres shares tips on communication


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