Mark McGowan’s Hope for WA

Thursday, November 18, 2021 1:14 pm
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Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan joined us for Radiothon!

The Premier joined Mike and Dan on the phone to show his support for 98five? There was a serious discussion on where to find the best Kebab in Perth. The Premier threw his support locally. “Clearly in Rockingham. The one I’ve been to is called Pita Pit.” Maybe Kirste and Dan can treat him to a kebab one day?

His favourite AFL team is The Fremantle Dockers. Although that was a bit of a sore point for the Premier, commenting,  “25 years of unhappiness. But I’m sure one day it will happen.”

Mark McGowan’s hope for 2022, is that WA can emerge from Covid. “Stay safe, continue to create jobs and that our state continues to lead the nation and the world.” To help us keep broadcasting hope across Perth, you can donate to our ‘Hope All day Every Day’ Appeal.

“It’s lovely music, It’s also great banter, friendly and non judgemental. It’s a terrific asset for the city and you don’t have to put up with hours of commercials.”

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