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Here at 98five, we’ve heard some incredible stories that have really encouraged us. There has been some really positive things that have come out of these tough times. This morning we were privileged to ask local legend, hero to Western Australia, our very own Premier if he had a “hope story”.

Obviously our Premier is right in the thick of challenging times, so was there a moment where Mark McGowan was encouraged by someone else?

“There’s so many it’s hard to say. But when I visited a cafe or a cinema or whatever it was and people had had to close down or they’d had to just go to takeaway coffees or whatever and I would basically apologise to people. I’d say ‘I’m so sorry, this has happened’. And they’d say ‘no, that’s okay. We know we’re doing the right thing we know that the government’s done the right thing’. People were so understanding and I suppose I was uplifted but also, I was impressed, a bit saddened even that people were that good about things and that happened all over the state,” said Premier Mark McGowan.

“It’s true”, Kirste replied “I mean, people are very, very good and like we said, we trust you as our Premier and you’ve done an amazing job in keeping WA safe and, and keeping us going through this time.”

But it hasn’t been all heavy-hearted for the Premier, while we had him on the phone we, of course, had to ask about a video that’s been doing the rounds online.

Mark McGowan, alongside David Templeman, featured in a promotional video to celebrate Fringe World’s upcoming 10th birthday. The video, which was shared to the Premier’s official Facebook page, is a hilarious compilation of out-takes. Our poor Premier couldn’t keep a straight face as Templeman fumbled over his lines again and again.

“What happened was I had about three takes and I got my lines, but he had about eight takes. And so I started laughing I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time he messed it up, he’d do something funny… You know, if you want to watch something funny I urge people to watch that.”

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Have a listen to the conversation The Breakfast Show had with Premier Mark McGowan on the podcast below:


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