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Every day on The Breakfast Show, Kirste, Dan and Leon serve up a yummy, yummy dish of Newsli. (Like Muesli, get it?)

Neighbours sprinted over to assist a man who fell off his ladder while putting up Christmas lights…Only to discover it was a prank! Rich Ferguson decorated his house in Colorado with Christmas lights. Then he hung a dummy off the porch to make it look like he had fallen off his ladder. He set up a camera to record his neighbours reactions as they rushed over to help. “I love a creative Christmas light display.”

Ever wanted to have breakfast with Mark McGowan? (Kirste and Dan are still trying to organise a breakfast kebab.) This might just be your chance! A line of Mark McGowan themed breakfast cereals called, ‘State Daddy Os’ has just launched. The creator Mark Wong, has been overwhelmed with orders after the initial 25 sold within days on Marketplace. For $25 you can buy the cereal with the Premier’s face on the front. As well as a maze on the back to ‘help WA escape the hard borders’.

Geraldton’s most popular tourist attraction, the Horizon Sphere, was destroyed. the $80 000 sphere holding 1800L of water shattered on Saturday. Many thought it was vandalised but police think it may have exploded on it’s own. ‘The mystery deepens…”

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