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Do you know what’s not unlawful?

Going for a run and eating a kebab!

The phrase was coined by Premier Mark McGowan during the peak of WA’s social distancing restrictions. In a press conference in April, the Premier was being quizzed on what social activities would get a person in trouble.

A journalist asked Mark for his opinion on a NSW man who was fined $1,000 for eating a kebab on a park bench while he was “on a run”. Struggling to contain his giggles Mark deemed there was “nothing unlawful about going for a run and eating a kebab”.

Emma Buswell, a Fremantle artist, was so inspired by the phrase she felt she had to immortalise it in a knitted jumper. Emma made a limited run and sold them for $100 before they sold out. One jumper was even purchased by the Art Gallery of WA to be put on display!

Mark McGowan "nothing unlawful about going for a run and eating a kebab" jumper

Mike from The Brekky Show thought these were so cool, he decided he wanted one too!

“I could have my own t-shirts with ‘how hard could it be?’ on them! The Family would wear those, right?”

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