Marathon runners overtaken by a herd of sheep

Friday, May 12, 2017 1:46 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

Marathon runners may clock an average speed of 18kph (well, the fast ones do) but the humans were absolutely smoked by a herd of sheep at an event in Germany.

During the Wings for Life World Run 2017 in Munich, runners got some unexpected competition when a herd of sheep decided to join in on the fun.

We can’t confirm or deny whether the sheep made it to the finish line or were fully registered racers but it certainly made a spectacle for the cameras.

But if I was racing another animal, how would I do?

The sheep may have blitzed the humans in terms of outright speed but what animal would you dread competing against in a marathon?

Our not so scientific experiment, with the help of Dino Animals, found that humans would struggle the most against a peregrine falcon, which travels at an average speed of 389km/h ÔÇö that’s 20km/h faster than a formula 1 car!

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