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Kirste shares the story of Manmaya, a 23 year old mum she has met in Nepal for Miracles Day.


Within the thousands of people who are visiting the Nepalese hospital that The Breakfast team are broadcasting from, there are a few that have just imprinted themselves onto Kirste’s heart. Manmaya is one of these women. She’s a 23-year-old mum with 2 children 5yo & 14 months daughter. She lost her long-distance sight in both eyes due to two cataracts. She’s never been able to totally see her children’s faces. In fact, she can’t see her daughter when she’s outside at all.

When she visits her at school to take her lunch, she must take a companion to point out which child is her own daughter.

She’s looking forward to seeing nature and recognising her kids. Manmaya dreams of seeing so she can set up a small business and provide for her girls and help them get an education.

Day 2 and 3 in Nepal for Miracles Day
Day 2 and 3 in Nepal for Miracles Day

“I have had the privilege yet again to witness the amazing work of CBM, a not for profit that helps people, who desperately need it, receive a 12-minute sight-saving cataract surgery. Meet Manmaya, she lives in rural Nepal and has been unable to see for many years. When her patch was removed she saw her beautiful little girl’s face clearly for the first time. She says she now can set up her own small business to save for her daughter’s education- something all mother’s hope for their children. Her gratitude and joy were evident and humbling. That simple $33 surgery makes an enormous difference to not only their lives but their families and communities. Today you get the chance to be a miracle maker for others like Manmaya! Tune in today for #miraclesday @cbmaustralia and let’s #makemiracleshappen!” -Kirste

Be a Miracle Maker! Today for just $33 Manmaya could receive life-transforming cataract-removal surgery. With this 12 minute operation, she could have her sight totally restored and her dreams made a reality!

Donate a $33 miracle.

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