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The chance of being struck by lightning is one in a million. But the chance of being struck by lightning in the comfort of your own home is even more unlikely. 

Aidan Rowan was playing PlayStation on his couch when he heard a loud crack followed by an intense sensation throughout his body. He was rushed to the emergency room after feeling a searing heat in his arm. Doctors believed the lightning bounced off the water on the window and into the room. Fortunately, he is okay but he is left with a very cool-looking scar on his arm. 

Ironically he was playing the game ‘Stray’, where you have to save a cat from lightning strikes during a thunderstorm. “I was happily playing stray on PlayStation when there is a loud bang and I feel a heavy jolting sensation. 5 hours at the hospital confirmed that I was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING through the open window! Never going to play cute cat games during a thunderstorm again. I’m fine, just very sore, hell of a headache and burn stripes down my arm.

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