NEWSLI: Man pretends his wife is dead when people ask if he is ‘babysitting’ their daughter

10 August 2022

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A frustrated dad’s brutal response when people ask if he is babysitting his daughter

Kevin Clevenger was sick of strangers asking him if he is ‘babysitting’ his daughter. His wife decided to go back to work, so he would take their baby girl Viola with him on errands. “I remember I was in the grocery store and this lady came up to me and was like, ‘Oh, are you giving Mum a break today, is Dad babysitting?’” So he came up with a response that would ensure they would never say that to any father again. “I was like ‘no, her mum actually died in childbirth and it’s actually just been me and her since then.'”

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A train station in England reopened toilets they forgot about for 30 years

The toilets at Bristol Temple Mead Station were sealed off in the 90s for construction. They were forgotten about for 30 years until they were rediscovered in 2019 while more construction was being carried out. The toilets have since been remodelled and are now open to the public. Andy Philips, Network Rail’s station manager for Bristol Temple Meads says, “we’re pleased that passengers at Bristol Temple Meads will now be able to access these new facilities, which will alleviate pressure on the existing female toilets in the station subway, which can get busy at peak times.”

Image: Network Rail / SWNS

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