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Any pet owner will tell you that when you’re feeling down or sick, a cuddle from your furry friend is the best medicine.

Andrew Falloon, a New Zealand MP, witnessed first hand the power of a snuggle. Falloon went to visit his dad who was recovering from surgery. He walked in to his dad asleep on the couch with a purring cat having a snooze on his chest. The only question is, whose cat is this? His parents in fact, do not own a cat.

His mum had gone out and left the door ajar for Falloon and this bold feline let himself in.

Of course people all over the internet are absolutely melting over this slightly confusing, but unbelievably adorable moment.

“I’m just happy Dad’s on the mend,” says Andrew “and if the photo made a few people smile that’s nice too.” He says it’s been viewed over 16 million times so far.


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