Making the Impossible Possible

Friday, August 9, 2019 3:16 pm
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Last week we were joined on the Drive show by Life Coach Emily. She walked us through how to make the impossible possible.

Helpful hints were always dream big and take things one step at a time. All of us can admit that sometimes we need help and encouragement to get to these dreams but what if it was as simple as flipping your thinking?

When thinking about your impossible mission or dream you need to have a vision.

Emily described a vision as the goals that you have, the dreams that you might be longing for in your heart. It’s whatever point B is when you’re standing at point A. Where do you want to get to?

Emily asked us to picture something that feels impossible that you want to do.

So maybe instead of Mel running a half marathon, she’s running a full marathon. How would you feel about running a marathon? What is your initial response?

For Mel and Jeziel their first thought was where would you start? How? Thoughts of failure entered their mind among the nervousness and anxiousness about the task at hand.

This is a common response, so if this is where your thoughts took you, don’t worry. However, it is not the only way to envision it.

Flip your thinking.

What did you find? There is a switch of energy. The thoughts become positive in nature.

The thoughts can become…What if I did finish it? What can I achieve? Where can I put the gold medal?

It is a powerful idea to realise that both the negative thoughts and the positive ones are just that, thoughts. They are imaginary. We get a choice in life and our thoughts can have a powerful impact on that.

Choosing what side of the imaginary line you want to be on is half the battle.


Written by Rebecca Low

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