Making music for a broken city

Friday, March 24, 2017 5:03 pm
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Chela Williams | Music director

Birthed and planted in their local church, a group of young musicians and songwriters united with a heart for their city. Fronted by 18-year-old Zachary Schossau, teenage worship band ALIVE|CITY from Detroit, Michigan has a deep understanding and mission to bring hope to their city.

“I think our oldest regular player is 19. I’m 18 and I’m the front man. And so we grew up looking at the problems in Detroit and there are a lot of them,” says Zachary.

“We hear all the time that it’ll take more money, more business, more schools…more, more, more to fix Detroit. It will take all that but there is something bigger broken in Detroit and in our world. It’s a broken soul. It’s people who have forgotten their creator. We believe that Jesus awakens the soul. That’s why we named the band ALIVE|CITY!”

Young Detroit worship band ALIVE|CITY

Young Detroit worship band ALIVE|CITY members all grew up together from children’s church including 18 year old front man Zachary Schossau. Source: Metrocity Church

The band break their youth barriers with years of well-seasoned lyrics and modern melodies. Having grown up together as kids in children’s church, the bond is evident in their live shows.

“We bring a ton of energy and passion to the stage. We have a lot of fun playing but our hope is that people have a God experience,” explains Zachary.

“The idea of most shows or concerts or gigs is that the artist is the star, but when people come and see us we want them to experience a moment with God.”

A fresh and energetic blend of pop, rock and Detroit hip-hop ALIVE|CITY’s upcoming album will suit tastes of all generations.

“We chose Say as our first release because it’s just a lot of fun and we think it has a pretty broad appeal,” says Zachary.

“But I think my favourite is a little acoustic driven song called Trust. It’s very personal and yet corporate.  Everywhere we play it people just respond to it. It’s a song that says, ‘when my world is falling apart there is one anchor, one hope, one thing I trust. I trust is the God of the Bible.”

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