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I’m not sure how, or whether it was on purpose but one thing that fast food joints have absolutely nailed is scent. You know what I’m talking about. You could be 50 metres away from a KFC and smell their chicken, or around the corner from a Maccas and the oily stench of fries would still be abe to fill your nostrils.

So the beloved golden arches are using that to celebrate 50 years of the quarter pounder. That’s right McDonalds has released a line of quarter pounder scented candles.

Representing each of the six key ingredients in the burger, including the bun, onions, ketchup, pickles, cheese and of course, fresh Beef.

The only thing is, they’re currently only being released in the U.S. Are these scented candles something you’d like to see available here in Aus? What flavour would you use? And in what room? Or would you burn them all together? So many possibilities! Let us know your thoughts, text us or join the conversation on Facebook!

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