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Wednesday, February 1, 2017 11:53 am
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Chela Williams | Music director

Home-grown electronic-pop duo The Supanova Project have been quietly perfecting their debut EP Paradise since 2013.

Comprising of husband and wife team Branimir and Janelle Mikulic, the entirely WA recorded and produced album was fittingly released on Australia Day.

“We wanted to release the EP Paradise around Australia Day as it is a significant period for us and it was written as an Australian summer album,” says Branimir.

“The beauty about being independent is that you can write and produce when you want. There was no rush in the process and we wrote the tracks when we felt inspired and nothing felt forced. We really took a lot of pride on how we presented things.”

Source: The Supanova Project

Absorbing the Australian theme entirely, the video for lead single Take It Over was recorded in WA.

“We shot a music video for this in Broome and infused ourselves in Australia’s beautiful landscapes,” says Janelle.

“The song is about finding the energy and stamina to overcome adversity and conquer life’s storms. We were really proud of how the songs sense of warmth and honesty was evoked through the music video.”

Paradise is bursting with Australian summer vibes carefully mixed with positive pop energy but the band confess the project was a reflective process.

“There is a lot of under currents that go through people’s lives but we wanted to focus mainly on the positive things life can give you,” explains Branimir.

“Love, life, environment and blessings were the backbone of our lyrical writing. We wanted to take people on a journey and feel inspired when listening to our songs.”

Part of the journey is the exceptional creative chemistry within the team stemming from the duo’s relationship.

“We definitely work well together and the synergy is good. Branimir would produce the music and come up with the concepts and then we would explore the vocals and melodies together,” says Janelle.

“When we’re alone, we both have different types of skills so we kind of need each other to make it work.”

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