The long way may just be the best way

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 10:50 am
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Andrew Hamilton | 98five blogger and 3MM pastor

This is the road I drive every day, either to or from home.

There is a faster road…by about 30 seconds.

It cuts through the streets and gets us home that ‘little bit quicker’. But, really, why would you take the ‘fast’ option when for 30 seconds extra you could drive past this ocean every day?

Sometimes in life — maybe even often — efficiency is over-rated and beauty is minimised. I’m pretty utilitarian and practical by nature, but I also know it’s important to enjoy moments of ‘pointless beauty’.

It enriches the soul and shapes identity in an intangible way, but in a way that matters very much.

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ONLINE USE_Andrew Hamilton profile photoAndrew is a part-time pastor, part-time retic bloke, full-time husband, dad and coffee snob (he’s also one of 98five’s 3 Minute Message pastors). He describes his blogs as unrefined, theological musings, random personal reflections and occasional naughtiness. | Follow Andrew on Instagram


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