Long Term Approach for Big Dreams

Friday, March 6, 2020 11:23 am
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Adrian Munro, CEO of Richmond Wellbeing joins The Breakfast Show every fortnight. This term we’re working through a series on tools for making change. Last time he was in, he talked about making small steps towards big dreams. Today we’re talking about taking a long term approach for big dreams and keeping the fire of change burning.

“If we want to achieve something worthwhile in our life we have to look at a long term approach.”

Breaking your goals into bite-sized pieces or small steps is a great way to get started but consistency is key.

“We need to do that week after week, month after month, to create something sustainable.”

To cement your goals into long term habits, make a plan, structure it methodically, and then give yourself enough time to make it happen.

“Cut yourself some slack. Don’t expect yourself to change the world in two weeks.”

“Give yourself a long period of time to try and bring about the changes you want to see this year.”

“If I think about anyone who’s achieved anything – it always takes a long time to do it.”

If you’re the kind of person that wants to get into a fun run, then follow Mike’s approach. Mike started preparation 12 months ahead of time. He started walking 3km a day, then 6km. He slowly built up to running 10km, doing 5km in the morning and 5km at night.

After 12 months Mike was running non-stop in his 12km fun run.

If you have a goal, start today and share your journey with us at our Facebook! Catch up the previous installment, Big Dreams, from Adrian here.

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