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Yesterday morning Lockie was woken up early, restless and unable to get back to sleep he realised God was speaking to him. He was stirring something in Lockie’s heart. All day yesterday Lockie was thinking about the people he knew who’d been having a tough year. Especially in the last few weeks he’s been really close to some people going through life and death experiences.

All week we’ve been asking our listeners, The Family, to support us and give financially so that we can continue our work and continue to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re so thankful for the sacrificial giving and generosity of everyone who has donated so far. But we also know there are people out there who just cannot afford to give.

So live on air, Lockie wanted to lift them to God and pray this prayer on air.

Lord, we just thank you for this opportunity to be here, to share a message of hope. And that hope that comes from You and You alone. We just want to lift up those people right now who are doing it tough. Physically, financially, emotionally, just disconnected, in whatever form that may, be from You.

Mainly, we just want to bring them to you and say, Would you love on them? Would you raise your arms around them? Through Your people, through Your church, through 98five. Through the various people in their community, who can support them in this tough time and just remind them that you have a plan and a purpose for them. Lord, we just lifted to You right now and love you. And we thank you for them in Jesus name, amen.

Join us in this prayer and lift up those around you! Listen to the prayer in the video above.

If you want to support a radio station that supports you, give to our Radiothon Appeal so that we can continue to bring this kind of faith-filled continue to you and generations to come!

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