Losing his locks to support marginalised women

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 2:04 pm
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Our Saturday Morning and Summer Brekky host Lockie is giving up his locks! And it’s all in the name of helping women out of poverty.

Lockie is losing his locks

Check out how long his mop is! Lockie is sacrificing his hair with the aim to raise money for EmpowerAid.

EmpowerAid Incorporated

is an NGO that trains women trapped in poverty and vulnerable circumstances with hairdressing and beauty skills to an international standard. Today, more than 350 women in rural Bangladesh have graduated from EmpowerAid training with international skills. Four of the original group now use their skills and knowledge to train others.

A new project began in Timor Leste in April 2019 with a group of 16 young women in the midst of intensive training which will create employment pathways. Be part of equipping vulnerable women in Bangladesh and Timor Leste with the skills and resources needed to gain employment and create real and lasting change for their families and communities.

There is just one week to go before his locks are all gone and Lockie will be a “nude nut”, which is what he’s calling his soon-to-be bald head. Visit his GiveNow page to support women living in poverty and this epic shave.

It’s time for the feral mop to go, and I can’t think of a more appropriate organisation to support in the process. Empoweraid are a wonderful group of voluteers who literally change lives, by offering vocational training in beauty and hairdressing to women in one of the poorest corners of our planet. The below video tells a small portion of the story, but please check empoweraid.org.au for more detail, and other ways to support. Yes, there’s a sense of irony here; cutting hair to raise funds, to teach others to…cut hair, but there’s no irony on the impact you and I can make. Restoring independence and dignity to individuals, and families.

All donations over $2 are tax deductable, so if you can, please give generously. If you can’t financially support, perhaps just share this page where you can.

Thanks a million, and God bless you!


Visit his GiveNow page to support women living in poverty and this epic shave.

Last year we spoke to the founder of EmpowerAid, Jennifer Quartermaine – check out the conversation here.

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