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Every Wednesday Mel & Jeziel catch up on the last week and share something they’ve learned in the last 7 days for Show and Tell. Whether it be a mind-blowing moment or a small ah-uhhh moment, they bring it to the family to share what they’ve learnt.

This week Jeziel came across a handy little feature in his phone that will help even the most forgetful kind of person! Have you ever thought to yourself “ok next time I go to Coles I’ll buy batteries” or “next time I’m at Kmart I’ll pick up another beach towel” only to go to that shop for something else and leave without the thing you told yourself you’d remember?

So frustrating.

Well, thanks to Google Assistant and it’s location based reminders, these pains are ancient history!

All you have to do is wake-up the assistant in your android phone by saying “Hey Google”. Then ask her to remind you to do ____ next time you’re at ___. The trick is to be specific in your location. You can even save your ‘home’ or ‘work’ address. Which means you can use commands like “Hey Google, when I get home today, remind me to turn the sprinklers on.”

Or you’re feeling extra savvy, you can even combine location and time specifics in the reminders. Try “Hey Google, when I get to work on Friday, remind me to put up the ‘Happy Birthday’ sign for Mel.”

Check out Jeziel demonstrating how to use the reminders.



Have a go yourself! Let us know how it works for you, text us or join the conversation on Facebook.

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