Live on Drive: Reigan

Friday, September 11, 2015 3:58 pm
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Perth born Aussie singer songwriter Reigan Derry’s first rose to fame in 2006 when she got to the latter stages of Australian Idol. Her big breakthrough came in 2014 when she finished fourth on the X Factor.

Reigan’s first foray into the music business after Australian Idol involved being par of Aussie pop duo Scarlett Belle, but Reigan left in 2011 after she felt she was being portrayed in a negative light.

Her solo career took off last year after her X Factor appearance. Her first EP with Sony “All of the Pieces” peaked at number 33 in the ARIA Charts in November, and inspired numerous trips to the UK writing and developing her craft.

Christine was joined by Reigan on Live on Drive where she performed her new single “Feels Like Heaven”.

Podcast: Reigan joins Christine on Drive

As Reigan explains, “‘heaven’ is found in the most basic places and is a celebration of love in its simplest form.

“The lyric in the chorus begins with “It feels like heaven, with your hand on my face”“, says Reigan.

“A simple moment of connection like that can take you out of any dark place. I enjoy talking about realistic/relatable love, because it can be interpreted to all kinds of relationships, whether family, or friend or lover.”

Live on Drive: Reigan peforms “Feels like Heaven”

Reigan’s new single “Feels like Heaven” is a new release on 98five this week.

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