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Give the life-changing gift of water here.

This morning Kirste and Dan got a call from Lee, a very excited Watering Day supporter!

After hearing about 98five’s Watering Day with Water for Africa, Lee got super excited for two reasons. The first is that WFA is one of the organisations her church supports through it’s mission program. Secondly, Lee has two sons who have a rare genetic disorder that makes them unable to retain water. Basically, even if they stop drinking they keep urinating. Couple that with the fact that their kidneys don’t filter salt out of their blood means her sons are drastically prone to dehydration.

Lee believes that if they were born in Tanzania, her boys probably would not have survived infancy.

They would either have died from complications from dehydration or would be severely mentally and physically impaired from dehydration. It really hits home for Lee how fortunate we are here in Perth to have access to clean drinking water and medical care.

A young boy drinks water from a dirty puddle

A young boy drinks water from a dirty puddle. Photo via Wikipedia Commons.

Across their many trips to Tanzania, Phil and Julie Hepworth (the founders of Water for Africa) have met countless mums who knowingly give their children unclean water, because they have no other choice. They have to choose survival over the risk of waterborne diseases. The stark reality is that a child dies every 90 seconds from waterborne diseases. Could you imagine? It would go against every maternal instinct to feed your baby with muddy, stagnant water, but what’s the alternative? We can only survive a few days without water.

But there is hope for Tanzania

Over the last 12 years, Water for Africa has been installing wells in villages all across Tanzania. 3,739,439 people now have access to clean, safe drinking water through the work of Water for Africa. In just 2021, 50 new wells were drilled, 770,000 people were impacted by clean water and 12,855 people responded to God’s love at the water well through the Outreach Truck. WFA works with and trains local people to participate in the drilling team and assigns a community committee member to take responsibility for the new water project once it is handed over. This ensures the sustainability of the project for years to come.

For just $2.50 you can provide access for one person to receive clean, safe water for life. You’re smallest change can make the biggest change.

Give the life-changing gift of water here.

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