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If you don’t know Mel from The Drive Show, here’s one quick fact: she LOVES animals. She loves animals so much so wants to share it with the family. So once a week she shares one of her favourite animal videos.

In Colombia, there is an animal shelter that houses about 900 animals. Julia Anne Torres runs this shelter, rescuing animals from poaching and animal trafficking.

In another part of Colombia, was a travelling circus where Jupiter the lion was living a miserable life. Malnourished, abused and living in a tiny cage, Julia knew she had to rescue him. She didn’t stop to think about how she would look after a lion, or pay for his medical bills or supply his food, but that didn’t stop her.

After months of nursing him, Julia finally saw Jupiter’s health start to improve. The last thing she needed to do for him was to find somewhere for him to live. This was a surprisingly easy task! Julia found a zoo that was more than happy to adopt him. He was finally safe, receiving all the food and nourishment he needed.

6 years later she went to visit Jupiter in his new home. Although she was told not to get too close to his cage, she wanted to see if he remembered her. The lion immediately reached through the cage to embrace Julia in a cozy hug.

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