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Mel & Jeziel are people of the world. They like to discuss the big issues. Opening their minds to new ideas and ways of thinking, exploring different ways of doing life. So once a week they take to the public for Word on the Street!

This week we’re tackling an issue in the bedroom… When you go to sleep, do you like your bed sheets tucked in or untucked?

how do you like your bed sheetsMel has been sick, she was in bed all day yesterday recovering and she just couldn’t get comfortable. It’s humid and kind of sticky, so do you stick your leg out? Ditch the doona? Or have the air con on and a blanket? What’s the perfect combination to keep comfortable.

Jeziel is a funny one, during the day his bedroom has to be perfectly tidy and that includes perfectly tucked in bed sheets. But, as soon as he gets into bed ready to sleep, he has to rip it all up to make it loose!

Mel takes this ‘loose bed sheets’ idea a step further, she doesn’t even use a sheet! How do you do yours?

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