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It’s time to play Life Hacks! Once a week Bec and Jeziel check out a “life hack” so that you don’t have to! We’ll verify it or fail it, so that you don’t have to waste your time messing about with tricks only to find out they don’t actually work.

This week Bec and Jeziel put an envelope-opening hack to the test.Life Hacks: How to open an envelope without tearing it?

If you wanted to open an envelope without tearing it, how would you do it?

Apparently, if you place it in the freezer for one hour and it will pop open. Before we tell you how the experiment went, take a second to make your guess – do you think it will work?

So before the show started Bec found an envelope, sealed it up and left it in the freezer. Halfway through the show, Bec ducked out to the kitchen for the big reveal and bad news.



It was a fail.

“Maybe our freezer isn’t cool enough” suggested Bec, “or our envelopes are too strong.”

The only reason we could imagine someone wanted to open an envelope in this way is if you didn’t want someone else to know you had opened it – which probably means you’re up to no good! So maybe it’s not a bad thing this hack turned out to be a dud. Tell us what you think on our socials!

Have a listen to the podcast below:

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