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It’s the Morro and Corey show while Kirste is away! Corey’s voice sounds a little different today, doesn’t it?

“Morro, I need to confess something. I have a problem with manners.” said young Corey this morning.

Corey has a bit of a habit when it comes to eating. If he’s had something particularly tasty, like some quality home made nachos or a saucy meat pie, it’s common to catch him licking the plate afterwards.

“I like to lick the juicy morsels left on the plate!”

Morro, sheepishly, admits that when Bec, (his wife) has made a smasher dinner he’ll say “look at this kids, how good is this, how good has your mum done!” to distract his family so that he can walk his plate up to the sink and subtly lick it clean.

“But you have to be discrete!” Morro warned. “It’s not a good look mate.”

Corey needs to know - is it ever ok to lick your plate?

Corey was quick to defend himself and promised he’d never done it in public. He only does it at home, but he wants to know – is that ok?

“If I get a girlfriend in the future, I need to know if it’s an ok thing to do around the house?”

As Morro further investigated the circumstances he uncovered that Corey’s parents do not approve of him licking his plate, but they have no problem letting their dog lick theirs!

By the end of the conversation, Morro gave his final opinion, no it’s not ok to lick your plate. Even though that may sound hypocritical, his final piece of advice was to do what I say, not what I do.

What do you think Family? Should Corey ditch this habit?

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