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Each week on Drive Bec and Jeziel play Let’s Get Passionate. Producer Telana comes up with a “controversial” statement. Then Bec and Jeziel have one minute to debate the idea.

Deciding who is “for” and who is “against” is determined by a coin toss and they have one song worth of time to prepare their arguments. After the debate is over, you the listeners decide who wins! Yesterday’s “controversial” topic was … Showering before bed at night is better than showering in the morning.

Bec argued that showering at NIGHT is better. “After a long day of running around you are sweaty, so you want to keep the bed cleaner which means you save water and energy on washing the sheets as well. Plus a hot shower is relaxing and helps you get a good night sleep.”

Jeziel argued that showering in the MORNING is better. “Showering in the morning is better cause you sweat while you sleep…You are going to work this is your professional life. You need to be awake and ready so why not start your day by having a fresh shower.

Who did you think won this weeks Let’s Get Passionate debate? Lets us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Have a listen to the full chat below!

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