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Each week Bec and Jeziel play Let’s Get Passionate. Producer Telana comes up with a “controversial” statement, which they have one minute to debate.Video Games

Deciding who is “for” and who is “against” is decided by a coin toss and then they have one song worth of time to prepare their arguments. After the debate is over, you, the listeners decide who wins! The most recent “controversial” topic was…Playing video games increases your IQ.

Jeziel argued that playing video games DO increase your IQ. “It’s introduced learning. There is so many new aspects introduce in every game that you might not come across otherwise. Learning new terminology, new language. There are so many games that involve strategy and puzzles. ”

Bec argued that video games DO NOT increase your IQ. “You just zone out while you are playing video games. It’s not educational, they’re designed to help you escape real life. How does racing around a track and dodging banana peels increase your IQ?”

Who did you think had the better argument? Lets us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Have a listen to the full chat below to see who won!

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