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Let's Get passionateEach week Bec and Jeziel play Let’s Get Passionate. Producer Telana comes up with a controversial statement which have they have one minute to debate.

A coin toss decides who is for and against and they have one song worth of time to prepare their arguments. After the debate is over the listeners decide who wins! The most recent controversial topic was: “every person in a a household only needs one towel.”

Bec argued that every person only needs one towel. “Why do you need two? You only have one body. If it gets dirty put it in the wash and get a new one. You only use it when you are out of the shower clean. Think of the amount of washing if your family uses two towels.”

Jeziel argued  “You need more than one towel. What about cleaning  you are not going to use the same towel over and over. In winter it’s wet you need to dry it. Rotation is key.

Who did you think won this week Let’s Get Passionate debate? Lets us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Have a listen to the full chat below!

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