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By Mike Atkinson

Adding playtime to learning braille can make the task a bit easier for those with vision problems.

The Braille Bricks project, co-founded by the Dorina Nowill Foundation For The Blind, helps blind children learn to read through play.

Each block can be used like a toy by blind and sighted children alike, although for the benefit of the blind children, each block features one Braille letter. So far, the São Paulo based organisation has only manufactured enough bricks for 300 students, but through the Creative Commons, they hope more will be made.

We think it looks pretty cool too!

braille-lego-bricks-1 braille-lego-bricks-8 braille-lego-bricks-13 braille-lego-bricks-15 braille-lego-bricks-16 braille-lego-bricks-17



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