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By Mike Atkinson

Curiosity got the the better of a small child visiting a LEGO sculpture, who accidentally knocked over the life sized exhibition at a Chinese Shopping Centre.

The artwork took three days and three nights to build, according to its creator, and it was shattered after being on display for less than one hour.

Zhao, a teacher from Ningbo City in East China, spent some AU$20,000 (100,000 RMB) building the Lego-brick version of Nick Wilde, the hugely popular animated fox from this year’s Disney hit Zootopia.

lego 2 lego spill

Before and after. A man posing with the fox before it came crumbling down. Source: CEN

Reports said that soon after the Lego Nick Wilde was put on display, it immediately attracted dozens of children and their parents who wished to take a photograph with the 1.8-metre piece.

But at least four or five children ignored the safety barrier put up around the sculpture, reports said, and one five-year-old placed his hand on the sculpture while posing for a photo and accidentally pushed it over.

Just like that, Zhao’s work shattered on the hard ground of the shopping mall floor, with the teacher saying he felt particularly upset because he did not expect it to be destroyed so quickly.

“It took a lot of effort building the sculpture, especially the eyes. I had to change it a lot of times,” he said.

The boy’s father is said to have apologised to Zhao after the incident, but the teacher sympathised and said he would not be seeking compensation for the loss.

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