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By Corey Sutton

Japanese Lego creator who goes by the name of Tary has built the most delicious looking toys yet. Sadly though, you can’t eat them.¬†

Many believe that Tary is actually a master builder which is quite the achievement considering there are only 40 of them in the world. Check out the food below and decide for yourself whether or not he is a master builder.

Source: boredpanda

lego-food-tary-japanese-12 lego-food-tary-japanese-11 lego-food-tary-japanese-10 lego-food-tary-japanese-9 lego-food-tary-japanese-8 lego-food-tary-japanese-6 lego-food-tary-japanese-5 lego-food-tary-japanese-3 lego-food-tary-japanese-2

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