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Lee Grady can be described as a remarkable mentor to men and a champion for women. A missionary who has worked in 30 countries, he is the founder and director of the Mordecai Project – a ministry devoted to healing, protecting and empowering women around the world. Lee’s passion is the issue of gender prejudice in the church, and wants to see women rise up in their Godly authority.

Lee Grady, The Mordecai ProjectA preacher who calls the church to embrace the Holy Spirit’s power, Lee has authored several books with the aim of breaking down barriers between men and women to create unity and see us all fulfil our God-given destiny. Lee has served as editor of Charisma magazine, which has given him a unique perspective of the Spirit-filled church.

Lee Grady visited our studios and sat down with our Afternoon Show host Tama to share his story and how his ministry was born.

“My wife and I have 4 daughters, so I’ve been drowning in a sea of oestrogen since 1985! But the Lord used my girls to open my eyes to see how He sees His daughters. I was a journalist for many years and doors began to open for me to travel to many countries and that’s where I began to see how women were being treated in different countries and I felt a tug in my heart to respond, so we started a ministry.”

Catch Lee Grady’s interview in full below:

Lee is speaking at Changing the Atmosphere at Lake Gwelup Christian Church tomorrow (12th Oct) and if you’re quick you might be able to sneak into one of the very last spots!

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