Learning to live with the grey

3 August 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Usually, Hammo shares some words of wisdom with those who are at the beginning of their faith journey. But today he wanted to give some encouragement to those who have believed in God for a long time, but maybe things aren’t making sense like they used to.

You might have grown up going to church but recently find yourself asking questions like, how do I know our religion is the right one? Or how do I trust the Bible? Growing up your beliefs were shaped by your parents, community, or church. Things seemed very black and white but you may have come to a point where things are starting to seem grey. Some people may tell to stuff those questions down but maturity comes through wrestling with those questions. “That’s what so many do they avoid thinking about the really difficult paradoxes of the Christian faith. But sooner or later you have to confront that stuff.” 

If you have questions or things that don’t make sense find a person or place where you are allowed to explore that. “Maturity is not the absence of questioning it’s about opening yourself to issues that unbalance you. It’s about learning to live with grey. That is the path to maturity not just believing “

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